Assure [verb]

Definition of Assure:

convince, relieve doubt

Synonyms of Assure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assure:

Sentence/Example of Assure:

But, Kornell assures you, “by the time week two rolls around, it becomes a normal thing.”

That makes sense, since being in the index assures companies an extra influx of money from index funds.

Both assure nothing is going to spill out, even in Class V whitewater.

In response, he assured them that 100% of the money would be used for the wall.

While hotels have been inconsistent in following their own cleaning standards due to reduced staffing, they are better at assuring travelers that they, in fact, are following those new policies, Harteveldt said.

In other words, even if we don’t know what the computers did to solve Keller’s conjecture, we can assure ourselves they did it correctly.

Governments will be counting on it to allow them to reopen economies and assure political stability.

“It won’t be just a Hollywood Squares Zoom type of thing,” Morella assures.

She said she called Hargrove to assure him she wouldn’t be investigating him, now or ever.

So, it’s anything but assured that Campbell’s plan will put the issue to bed.