Incline [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incline:

It’s somewhere near the middle of the pack when it comes to tests per 100,000 people, but you can see a steep incline over the past few months.

A motorized stand in the back of the bike adjusts the incline or decline, which I didn’t find particularly useful.

It became my companion as I struggled up a solitary mountain incline between the Pennsylvania towns of Bedford and Greensburg.

It tackles inclines steeper than the toughest treadmill setting.

The trains were pulled up the incline at the Lickey by powerful stationary engines.

Here, on the incline leading across Butser Hill, may be noticed the beginning of these things.

A little or superficial knowledge may incline a man's mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth him back to religion.

O Holy Maries, who can change our tears to blossoms, incline quickly an ear unto my grief!

He brought neither his wife nor children to incline the judges in his favor by their sighs and tears.

There is one whose branches incline downwards, and whose leaves are not less in size than a shield.