Cant [noun]

Definition of Cant:

hypocritical statement

Opposite/Antonyms of Cant:

Sentence/Example of Cant:

But I cant stay here all day; Mrs. Towne is to take me to spend the day with the Gesners.

I didnt think much of that, but he said afterward, A man may do in an hour what he cant undo in a lifetime.

I cant let you increase your indebtedness, and his pudgy hand lifted the basket and put it on the shelf behind him.

A grain—requiring to be picked out with a pin and microscope—of truth, with a bushel of bunkum or cant.

Cant expect money before its due, I spose, said the old man, licking his thin lips.

He has done many a good job for you, and will do many more when he can; and when he cant, he wont; so no more about that.

Tyrwhitt confuses the matter by quoting Lye, who mixed up this word with tombestere, a female tumbler; for which see Cant.

And if you cant pay your present rent prompt, how do you expect to pay it next month, when you must find three dollars more?

Now, there cant be anything much more retiring than the turtleor me.

Ever in oon, continually, constantly, always in the same way; cf. Cant.