Deceit [noun]

Definition of Deceit:

practice of misleading

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceit:

Sentence/Example of Deceit:

The Washington Post’s examination of a private conservative gathering included numerous appeals from presenters to this alleged threat looming over the country, a threat manifested in fraud, deceit and civil unrest.

This is one of the fundamentals in that large class of cases growing out of deceit.

As a net is full of birds, so their houses are full of deceit: therefore are they become great and enriched.

Do not believe this; be certain that those who profess such a doctrine are practising themselves the deceit they condemn so much.

The party seeking redress, must have been deceived, and also injured by the deceit in order to recover.

Thus, where such pure, noble feelings do not exist, the mere forms of politeness become hypocrisy and deceit.

He can do another thing, accept the stock and sue for the damage he has sustained by the deceit that has been practiced on him.

They were filled with cold tea, and the buyers sued for the deceit that had been practiced on them.

He is liable in an action of deceit, and the amount or damage that may be recovered is that of the goods sold to him.

There was something about the man that Matt liked, in spite of the deceit he had practised at the start-off of their acquaintance.