Imposition [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Imposition:

Many have called for the imposition and enforcement of more stringent and onerous regulation and taxation.

Plus, Zoom can be exhausting, so asking a person to hang out on Zoom after work can be a bit of an imposition.

This provision also had the effect of preventing the imposition of taxation upon the community by means of railway rates.

For this was the preposterous nature of the imposition, and she claimed to have given birth to no less than eighteen of them.

Just at this juncture Eric came in, having been delayed by Mr Gordon, while he rigidly inspected the imposition.

Mr. Grenville, Chancellor of the Exchequer, introduced sundry resolutions relative to the imposition of stamp duty in America.

Henceforth they resisted the imposition by Parliament of external as well as internal taxes.

The form of the evil was smuggling, but its root was the imposition of oppressive duties.

The charge over his life by his uncles Thomas and Robert was one of legal imposition rather than a matter of love.

The master had given me a heavy imposition, 500 lines or thereabouts to write out.