Fraud [noun]

Definition of Fraud:

trickery, deception

Opposite/Antonyms of Fraud:

Sentence/Example of Fraud:

At the Heritage Foundation, von Spakovsky maintains a database of voter fraud cases and, emails show, regularly urges secretaries of state to contribute to it.

As we wrote in a paper in May, fraud involving mail-in ballots requires the creation of a paper trail, making it very difficult to scale.

Norman is also being charged with conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud for attempting to collect on multiple life insurance policies he took out on Montgomery in 2014.

The embattled Paycheck Protection Program, rolled out in April to help keep small businesses alive during shutdowns, has long been flagged for possible fraud.

American Express is testing technology that is best known for helping create deepfake videos—realistic clips of people saying things they never really said—to fight financial fraud.

The only reason that to me it’s not higher is because I do worry about voter fraud.

“The only reason that, to me, it’s not higher,” Lahren says, “is because I do worry about voter fraud.”

If the auctioneer could afterward do this he might change the name, substitute another, and so perpetrate a fraud.

Suppose a bank should pay more than the amount on deposit through no fraud of the holder, from whom can it recover the amount?

Whenever the fraud is found out an innocent subscriber can do one of three things.