Fake [adjective]

Definition of Fake:

false, imitation

Synonyms of Fake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fake:

Sentence/Example of Fake:

With misinformation and disinformation about the pandemic, “cheap” and “deep” fakes of elected officials, and targeted ads and emotionally exploitative social media algorithms, it can begin to feel like all communication is manipulation.

The state’s watchdog, however, argued that the company could falsely spread its rates over a fake population, giving the illusion that customers were getting a cost cut.

She has coiffed hair and long fake eyelashes, but still puts in the same work everybody else does, taking orders and doing deliveries.

You see how good we’re doing relative to other countries and other parts of the world, but the fake news doesn’t like saying that, they don’t like telling you that.

However, the new “fake news” bill would bypass the framework, allowing legislators to create a mechanism that could be used to restrict that freedom for millions of Brazilians.

The bill also ignores the biggest problem with fake news, which is not the content itself but the network of people that spreads it.

It can generate fake news articles that humans can barely detect above chance.

The AI Foundation’s Reality Defender uses synthetic media detection algorithms to identify fake content.

It will be available exclusively to the AI Foundation as part of its Reality Defender 2020 program, which allows candidates, press, campaigns, parties, and social media platforms to provide suspected fake media for authentication.

Still, as American Express researchers described in a paper they presented at this year’s annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, it’s difficult to evaluate how effective the GANs are at creating fake financial data.