Concocted [verb]

Definition of Concocted:

formulate, think up

Synonyms of Concocted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concocted:

Sentence/Example of Concocted:

A South Korean automaker is taking over Boston Dynamics, the robotics company best known for concocting viral stunt videos featuring quirky animatrons.

Dugdale began to concoct a series of increasingly wild assaults on British imperialism.

These programs, however, were specially concocted to defy obfuscation and bear little resemblance to real-world programs.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the chairman and former Disney and DreamWorks executive who concocted the startup, claimed in an interview with the New York Times that the pandemic wrecked the launch.

The tricky part was how to get from “most” number lists to “all” number lists, even those whose structure might be specially concocted to try to avoid arithmetic progressions.

It was no brash idea, no hare-brained impulse concocted in one's cups, perhaps.

In their dark recesses were concocted those treasons, stratagems, and spoils that desolated the land.

Fortunately I saw projecting from one of his huge pockets a large bottle of some specific which he had concocted for a patient.

He had corrupted the chastest women in England by means of the love-philtre which Dr. Lambe concocted for him.

Cousin Charley, perhaps feeling it would be a good rehearsal, recounted the story he had concocted to relate to Alfred's parents.