Envision [verb]

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I mean, it’s something we talk a lot about on the show, what it takes not just to envision something special for yourself, but actually realize it.

A pause, as envisioned by Socrates, is the fertile ground from which good ideas sprout.

They envision a national network—“a universe unto itself” where cell phones would share a single area code.

The agency envisioned a centralized national system that would integrate both physical and digital surveillance using the latest technology.

He said he envisions manufacturers creating different software modules for each portion of the anatomy that is typically scanned.

They can help tell the story, illustrate specific points, help a reader envision a complex idea, and more.

So three of the four scenarios Acemoglu envisions are bad ones.

Srubar envisions microbe-laced building materials that give off a scent.

If you send a script to a director, they’re going to read the script and envision things in their mind.

The more gifted viewers back on Earth might even envision filets mignon.