Grasp [noun]

Definition of Grasp:

hold, grip

Synonyms of Grasp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grasp:

Sentence/Example of Grasp:

They have locked down pathways to that power to limit the likelihood that it will move out of their grasp.

If you suffer from gaming sickness, there’s unfortunately no scientific evidence you’ll ever free yourself from its grasp.

Still, the Hong Kong group wanted more data to get a better grasp of the situation.

Things to consider when buying an external hard driveBefore you make an effort to purchase an external drive, it helps if you have a firm grasp not only on what you need to store but how much of it you have and how accessible it needs to be.

In many instances, there is neither a shared set of truths nor a solid-enough grasp of history, even among those with the greatest power.

In increasingly rich and diverse search results, it is imperative that marketers have a solid grasp on how their paid and organic search strategies work in tandem to achieve the best business results.

By grounding text in images, researchers at OpenAI and elsewhere are trying to give language models a better grasp of the everyday concepts that humans use to make sense of things.

NASA is also figuring out how to make it easier for them to do simple tasks like grasp tools and operate small equipment.

Experts agree that is also has been impossible to get a full grasp on what is happening inside most detention facilities because of inconsistencies in how they’re reporting infection data.

Now that we have a better grasp of search intent and its role in content creation, let’s look at the most popular blog post ideas that you can use today to start producing high-quality content.