Possession [noun]

Definition of Possession:

control, ownership

Synonyms of Possession:

Opposite/Antonyms of Possession:




Sentence/Example of Possession:

He was a farmer's son, and seldom had any money in his possession.

Had they still been in his possession, that would have been some compensation.

They fought each other for the possession of this wonderful land.

On the invasion of William, as we have seen, it was in the possession of Edwin, sovereign of Deira.

There are consciousnesses of lack which carry more bliss than any possession.

The office had been closed, owing to a death, and Palmer was in possession of a holiday.

In what does not regard the possession of her, concedo; but in what regards it, nego.

He had not once laid it down since it had come into his possession.

And all this knowledge was in Crane's possession alone, to use as he wished.

And just how did you come into possession of this, young lady?