Clinch [verb]

Definition of Clinch:

secure a goal

Synonyms of Clinch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clinch:

Sentence/Example of Clinch:

That touched me, the clinch that suggested he wanted to share a portion of his life with his oldest friend.

A gentle breath from heaven makes the basket decline a little and the ropes creak against the hardwood clinch blocks.

Our natural impulse now is to slightly clinch our teeth when we shake our heads to mean “no.”

Could the people of the Clinch and Holston have felt the same confidence, they would have spared themselves much nagging.

And so step by step the devil thrust him into desperation, and strove thereby to clinch the hopelessness of his estate.

There would be small chance of another band raiding down the Clinch for some time at least.

What he saw made him clinch his fingers and grit his teeth in rage.

The scouts brought word that General Clinch and two hundred of his men had already crossed the river.

On the morning of the last day of the year, General Clinch advanced towards the hammock.

The two birds would clinch in the air or on a tree, and fall to the ground with beaks and claws locked.