Seize [verb]

Definition of Seize:

grab, take

Synonyms of Seize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seize:

Sentence/Example of Seize:

Russia sought to extend her conquests south and to seize upon Turkey.

If I succeed in this I shall doubtless be able to seize more of His bounty.

For his love's sake, he must seize on this opportunity given of fate to him for mastery.

But as she crossed as if to seize the boy, Napoleon sprang toward his uncle for refuge.

But he would dash out after her, seize her round the body, drag her back into the shop.

Our intention, it must be confessed, however, was to seize the Regulus in the confusion.

The opportunity tempted some of our men to plan a rising, with a view to seize the ship.

Had we got out, the plan was to seize the heights of the island, and get possession of the guns.

Our plan was to seize a boat, as we passed down channel, and get ashore in England.

She had an eye to discern, and a courage to seize, an important crisis.