Envelope [noun]

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This uses a harmless virus, usually a retrovirus, that is modified to produce the same external envelope of carbohydrates and proteins as the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Always follow directions from official sources, like those on your absentee-ballot envelope, over ours.

It can only look at the signatures on the envelopes and make sure they appear to be valid.

Encasing all of this plumbing and the animal cuddled against it lies the big floaty envelope of the outer house.

Most importantly, as far as I can tell, there is not a s ingle report of someone dying from licking envelope glue.

Lawrence mingled with the crowd, and as he read he felt a bulky envelope thrust in his hand and caught a glimpse of a dusky arm.

Still, if such an envelope should be handed him, he would breathe easier until it was opened.

Mrs. Haggard, to whom the envelope was addressed, tore it open with some anxiety; her face assumed a pleased expression.

Desiring him to attend his orders outside, Alphonse broke open the envelope.

It possessed the greatest interest and attraction for Edna; the envelope, its size and shape, the post-mark, the handwriting.