Shell [noun]

Definition of Shell:

structure; covering

Synonyms of Shell:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shell:

Sentence/Example of Shell:

Things as trifling as the turning of a shell may restore you to your rights.

One day she hit the shell in the wrong place--and they're still looking for the monkey.

What precautions should be taken in the purchase of shell fish?

Shell be greatly taken, with the notion that he sent for me instead of me running after him!

Extract the meat from the shell, and cut it into small pieces.

When it is cold break it up, and extract all the flesh from the shell.

Cut a slit in the shell of every one to prevent their bursting when hot.

Its spout was torn and ragged like the mouth of a gun when a shell has burst there.

Dick, reckless of shell and bullets, tried to pierce the cloud with his eyes.

A shell from his own army had burst near him, and he had been thrown down by the concussion.