Center [adjective]

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The controlling center of consciousness is the extreme limit of the nares anteri.

In the center of the river line stood the imposing red sandstone palace of Bahadur Shah, last of the Moguls.

The artillery and 81st were on the right of the line, the native infantry in the center, and the sowars on the left.

Touch the center of a cover-glass to the top of the drop and quickly place it, blood side down, upon a slide.

The buildings grew higher toward the center of the dome, but I stopped while they were still two stories.

This river was, throughout the French rgime, the center of both trading and missionary activities for all Northeastern Canada.

Eventually, they located the tiny green plants with the spirally leaves at the center—the loudest point—of each network.

In the center of the spot was a crude sign, projected in black lines upon the wall.

The motorist, however, finds a different problem confronting him in making London his center.

And darned if each meteor didn't strike dead center of each plant network.