Inner [adjective]

Definition of Inner:

central, middle physically

Synonyms of Inner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inner:

Sentence/Example of Inner:

Because I’ve spoken to more than a few people in his inner circle, and they tell me that very few people, maybe only the candidate himself, actually thought on Election Day that he was going to win.

The inner one has some 14 times the mass of Jupiter and is 160 times farther from its star than Earth is from our sun.

You can publish guest posts, submit press releases, and reach out to authority sites in your niche to link to the inner pages of your website to increase domain authority.

The pair kept going, diving into the inner workings of Bateman and Katz’s method and eventually figuring out what new ideas would allow them to transfer it over from the world of Set to the whole numbers.

Today, we’re going to finish up by talking about the inner-circle contenders.

We seem to time that sampling of the visual environment to coincide with moments of inner quiescence.

Trying to appreciate mathematics without understanding its inner workings is like reading a description of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony instead of hearing it.

To study the paths of water through the outer and inner houses, researchers lowered the laser imaging system to scan a series of cross-sectional views of living larvaceans floating free in Monterey Bay.

That technology uses X-rays to map a sample’s inner structure without tearing it apart.

The bioluminescence of jellyfish and fireflies have given biologists tools to study the inner workings of cells.