Intimate [adjective]

Definition of Intimate:

friendly, devoted

Synonyms of Intimate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimate:

Sentence/Example of Intimate:

We wanted it to be warm, we wanted it to be kind, we wanted it to be casual, and intimate.

These are some of our favorite intimate encounters set in these close quarters.

The perpetrator had uploaded these non-intimate images—holiday and pregnancy photos and even pictures of her as a teenager—and encouraged other users to edit her face into violent pornographic photos.

Legend love his fans too and to celebrate them, he’s hosting an intimate “Weekend Of Love” Valentine’s Day themed event on Instagram.

The intimate story of Glaser’s subjects makes her book compelling, but the societal dots she’s able to connect make it important.

What used to be an intimate and essentially cost-free process, taking place at the home, has, in the last 150 years, grown into a professionalized, $20-billion-a-year funeral industry.

Since it’s spread through intimate contact, vaccination is most effective if it’s completed before a child becomes sexually active.

To keep this knowledge from her denies her the opportunity to connect with you in a deep, intimate and sisterly way.

Since 1991, she has been in charge of producing plays, poetry series and other performances in the Folger’s intimate, two-tiered theater.

The depth of their relationship is built for us in observing these two men interact with the kind of casual comfort that comes from years of being together, a sort of intimate indifference that any long-term couple is sure to recognize.