Affectionate [adjective]

Definition of Affectionate:

having or showing fondness

Synonyms of Affectionate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affectionate:

Sentence/Example of Affectionate:

“Bride of the Sea” is another name for Jiddah, a coastal city perched on the Red Sea, and Quotah conjures the metropolis and its denizens with rich, affectionate detail.

I miss the affectionate dogs of relatives that make me keep Benadryl at the ready in case one of their licks sets off my older son’s allergies.

It is the most intimate portrait of a man Lee knew only as a quiet, affectionate grandparent, who spoke to her more in gestures than words.

It retains a plentiful sense of the ludicrous in its exploration of class and social norms, though the film is affectionate in the end.

Remote workers on the platform are using 80% more emoji since the onset of Covid-19, and choosing more openly affectionate symbols to bridge the months of separation from their colleagues.

He was aware of his own helplessness; he felt almost like a boy scolding his own wise, affectionate mother.

Underneath these were affectionate hearts quaking with fear lest the home-coming be but a sad one after all.

It held and caressed her body, almost as if it were an affectionate living thing that knew of her present desire.

I was at a distance from that kind mother, who was doubtless thinking of me with affectionate emotion.

An affectionate wife lamenting over her sick husband, he bade her dry her tears, for possibly he might recover.