Attached [verb]

Definition of Attached:

join, fasten

Synonyms of Attached:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attached:

Sentence/Example of Attached:

In 2019, Lenovo entered the smartglasses by introducing a much bulkier standalone model called the ThinkReality A6, which doesn’t require an attached PC.

In 2019, one team used a nerve-machine interface for amputees to control a robotic arm—the DEKA LUKE arm—and sense what the limb and attached hand were feeling.

If you have a few minutes, I’d love to discuss the attached press release.

The attached dust bag keeps everything clean as well and your preferred adjustments stay put thanks to the lockable knobs.

Oftentimes, when creating content, we become attached to our findings, we believe each little tidbit is important to the narrative.

The commander-in-chief still kept him attached to the headquarter staff, and constantly employed him on special service.

This takes at first the crude device of a couple of vertical lines attached to the head (see Fig. 4).

In shape it is curved, like those things for candles attached to upright pianos, but with a weighted foot to hold it firm.

If the capital letter S were cut into two parts, and the bottom half attached to the top half, it would make a nought .

It does not appear, however, that any special significance is attached to this singular fancy.