Prefix [noun]

Definition of Prefix:

an addition

Synonyms of Prefix:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prefix:


Sentence/Example of Prefix:

Anything belonging to the mainmast should be distinguished by the prefix main.

Hydro: relating to water: a combining form used as a prefix.

Meso: middle: as prefix, drops the o when stem begins with a vowel.

Compare "pseudonym," where the prefix is contracted, and "nonentity."

When the "uncle" was dropped, he generally had the prefix "doctor," in its stead.

These Burmese women generally have the prefix "Mah," and so this was little clue.

In all these cases the prefix denotes inferiority of species.

His children are by courtesy entitled to the prefix "The Honourable."

But the prefix Bb was not applied to Arouj by contemporaries.

In late Cornish the vowel of the prefix was usually dropped.