Disunite [verb]

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I am convinced that Court will never cease endeavoring to disunite us.

I presume attempts have been made to disunite them, and that I have been made use of to inspire one of the two with jealousy.

Then a dispute arose as to the best means of continuing the pursuit, which threatened to disunite Fuller and Murphy.

Mahometans are united, because the only points that could disunite them relate generally to fact and not to doctrinal truths.

Adams had written about the same time that "the only way to keep us from setting up for ourselves is to disunite us."

Nothing can alter that; nothing can change our love or disunite our lives.

She could not separate them, for they were held so firmly by the thick slime of the sea, that no hand could disunite them.

The pamphlet was stigmatized as libellous and seditious, and the writer as attempting to disunite the two nations.

Trifling causes occasionally unite and disunite the Aetolians, Acarnanians, and Macedonians, men speaking the same language.

Consider all the pains that were taken to disunite you, and the importunity he suffered from his family.