Attach [verb]

Definition of Attach:

join, fasten

Synonyms of Attach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attach:

Sentence/Example of Attach:

The Texians laughed at the fanfarronades of the dons, and did not attach sufficient importance to these formidable preparations.

Still, I didn't attach any significance to the matter until later, when we visited the kennels.

What a capital thing it would be surely, if the police could attach some of these spirits to their force!

To these men of heart and of talent Lucien de Rubempre, the poet, sought to attach himself.

Those who attach a high value to original and comprehensive thought will scarcely consider him entitled to such an epithet.

His writings are held in the same veneration that Christians attach to their own sacred literature.

If it should prove to be softening of the brain, a melancholy interest will attach to the present document.

Therefore, believe me, humble folks ought to attach themselves to the great men who are in power.

We are apt to attach ideas of comfort or misery according to circumstances peculiarly belonging to ourselves.

Some of the chiefs attach themselves in preference to the Parthians, others to the Romans, to whom they adjoin.