Untie [verb]

Definition of Untie:


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Sentence/Example of Untie:

Tell your men to untie us, and throw the ropes back into the tent.

"David's harnessin' now," said Mary, beginning to untie her apron.

You have just seen me untie the knot, dissociate the electrons, or what you will.

Will you promise not to do yourself a mischief, if I untie you?

John hastened to untie the children, who trembled from head to foot.

Lance stooped indifferently to untie his slicker and blanket from the saddle.

"If you'll untie my hands, I'll look after him," George said.

If we untie you will you fork it over or do you want me to search you?

We hoped he'd make them untie us and he'd pass it to us and tell us to skip.

You said if we'd untie you, so you could eat, you wouldn't run away.