Unhitch [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unhitch:

Sometimes twice in one day we had to unhitch the ox and pull him out.

His chum dug some snow from his ears and ran forward to unhitch the sleds.

The guv'nor had got off, no doubt, to unhitch that heavy gate—the one you had to lift.

Presently they went back and turned their wagons into the siding and began to unhitch.

He did not stop to unhitch the horses, just hooking them to the corral fence.

"Tell them to unhitch," said Sam, mindful of the duties of hospitality.

We unhitch, and lead the mules to the gap, where she joins us.

Stud hurried off to unhitch while Gus helped Early Ann with her bundles.

First let me unhitch him, I cried, seizing the spirited beast by the bridle.

Don't folks ever unhitch other folks' horses to put 'em in their stable?