Unstrap [verb]

Definition of Unstrap:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Unstrap:

Sentence/Example of Unstrap:

Just unstrap that writing-desk, and I will write a few lines.

The “boy” brought the liquor, while I commenced to unstrap and dry my Winchester.

Gilbert dropped on one knee beside a portmanteau, and began to unstrap it.

He therefore ordered the men to unstrap the cover and pull it around.

He had turned his back to unstrap the pack, when he heard a sound behind him.

Here: don't be unkind, your Majesty: tell these fellows to unstrap me.

The merchant had to leave the horse where he fell, and unstrap the bag, take it on his back, and go home on foot.

Things looked peaceful, and there was a warm sun, so I ventured to unstrap my kit-roll and spread my blankets out to dry.

He began quickly to unstrap the canvas from behind the saddle, watching the clouds as he did so.

Thorvald went to work, but to Shann's surprise he did not unstrap the force-blade ax at his belt.