Extricate [verb]

Definition of Extricate:

get out of a situation; relieve of responsibility

Synonyms of Extricate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extricate:

Sentence/Example of Extricate:

It took Jerry Alcorn but a moment to extricate himself from his horse, and as he half rose he fired at Lawrence, but missed.

He wanted two millions to extricate the State from its financial embarrassments.

As robust as the quarryman, this man made violent efforts to extricate himself from the embrace of the serf.

He is like a strong man struggling in a morass: every effort to extricate himself only sinks him deeper and deeper.

There was a prickly pear on top, the thorns of which caught him so that at first he could not extricate himself.

It took him some time to extricate himself, and meanwhile the pursuers drew closer.

Before setting out on the unparalleled task he fervently asked the help of the only One who could extricate him from his peril.

We began to fear that we should be unable to extricate ourselves.

Meaning that he who has willingly jeopardized himself must extricate himself without assistance.

Receiving no reply, he proceeded to extricate Eleanor, with whose beauty the inflammable highwayman was instantly smitten.