Entangle [verb]

Definition of Entangle:

involve, mix up

Synonyms of Entangle:

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Sentence/Example of Entangle:

With hundreds of species entangled on them—consuming, eliminating, extracting, and synthesizing matter—these bacterial lawns, like the Ligurian pastures, have the characteristic of an undulating meadow in the spring, inside of us.

Make a bolaTechnically the bola is an impact weapon, but its other great feature is its ability to entangle a target.

The researchers then split these entangled photon pairs up into multiple channels based on their wavelength before combining, or multiplexing, them and transmitting them over a single fiber optic cable.

The researchers used a single source of photon pairs that had been entangled, which means their quantum states are intrinsically linked and any change or measurement of one is mirrored in the other.

Then there’s the trope of the crossdressing hero getting entangled in a sexually confusing romance, a plot that’s been used to inject queerness into stories since Shakespeare and beyond.

Additionally, two qubits can be entangled, with their values linked as if they are one entity, despite sitting on opposite ends of a computer chip.

He was visited by persons of all classes, who, taking their cue from the New Testament, strove to entangle him in his talk.

Literally, fools entangle affairs and circumstances, and require "wise men" to assist them out of their troubles.

The Pharisees, always captious and controversial, sought to entangle the Savior in a discussion on the subject of divorce.

You see these people entangle themselves in their own sophisms, because they do not know what demonstration means.