Embroil [verb]

Definition of Embroil:

involve in dispute; complicate

Synonyms of Embroil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embroil:

Sentence/Example of Embroil:

This would embroil him with his neighbors, and make central Europe secure while France was fighting Spain.

Would it make her heart lighter to have you embroil yourself for her sake?

I acknowledge that Heaven has not given me your talent, and that I have not the brains like you to embroil myself with justice.

Therefore the slave-owners who had gained possession of your Government hated her, insulted her, tried to embroil you with her.

It is not my business to embroil matters between the two countries; quite otherwise.

They never understood one another, and never consulted together in hours of danger, save to embroil matters in politics as in war.

The seizures by Admiral Wilkes seem like a plan to embroil our two countries.

He could embroil him with two kings, France and England, and induce a third to harass him from the South.

If he could embroil the two leaders of the Crusade, there was his affair: Philip would need him.

Here, they said, is a man who somehow has managed to stir up a wasp's nest, and who may embroil us with Turkey.