Enmesh [verb]

Definition of Enmesh:

involve in a situation

Synonyms of Enmesh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enmesh:

Sentence/Example of Enmesh:

He was enmeshed, however, in a controversy over Theranos, a Silicon Valley-based medical device firm run by Elizabeth Holmes, a charismatic entrepreneur now awaiting trial on fraud charges.

If one man is to run a hedge round a pasture, the pasture must first be stripped of the rights of common which enmesh it.

They let him thoroughly enmesh himself, and then produced the order, written entirely in his own hand.

He maintained his position, and was condemned to death as a traitor, under the law which had been framed expressly to enmesh him.

All his anxiety was that Cesare should enmesh himself deep enough; and then—!

The fishermen he knew to be of predatory habits, and the promise of gold would enmesh them.

If her behaviour had been designed to draw him on and enmesh him completely, it could not have been more effective.

Ross strove to enmesh them in the robe, using the pressure of his body to slam them all on the buttons and levers of the board.

He knew that given rope Lionel would enmesh himself still further.

He had no fear of the consequences of his attempt to enmesh Louise Treharne.