Trap [noun]

Definition of Trap:

snare, trick

Synonyms of Trap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trap:

Sentence/Example of Trap:

I might have known that the lawyer would have had me in the trap.

If I was going into a trap it was just as well to let somebody know whom I was last seen with.

What was it—madness, a nightmare, or a trap into which he had been decoyed with fiendish artfulness?

The soft-hearted angel was caught in the trap set for her pity.

Besides, you two might like to watch how I set a trap to catch a fox.

"Well, I hadn't ought to complain about that trap," came the answer.

But he remembered that he had once before been caught and had escaped by squeezing the trap.

He dragged off the trap and its clog, and went clanking up the mountain.

Kirkwood poked his cane through the trap, repeating the address.

"My trap wasn't sprung behind the chicken-house," said Donny.