Quagmire [noun]

Definition of Quagmire:

bad situation

Synonyms of Quagmire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quagmire:

Sentence/Example of Quagmire:

But now am I indeed fast stuck in a quagmire of uncertainty.

The road through Thiepval was a bog, the village was a quagmire.

The pond was a thin piece of canvas painted to represent the quagmire.

Already our horses were stumbling over corpses as if in a quagmire.

The lane was muddy even in the roadway, and on the banks it was a quagmire.

In coming up out of the quagmire she had got mud on her feet.

Woe to the artist who falls into the quagmire of unbalanced intuition!

In a miserable street, where he looked like a peacock in a quagmire.

"But there is no enemy in this vicinity, except the Texans in the quagmire," added the captain.

Isn't there any way for those men to get out of that quagmire?