Pinch [noun]

Definition of Pinch:

tight pressing

Synonyms of Pinch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pinch:

Sentence/Example of Pinch:

Gray Peter's heart was never in doubt, but what would Sally's courage be in a pinch?

The pinch was bound to come in a town where every man wore his gun.

In a pinch they would obey you nearly as well as they obey me.

I presume half our people, on a pinch, could have brought the Sterling in.

In a word, I had too much, though I could have carried a good deal more, on a pinch.

And then—I might at a pinch describe the infernal regions, but not the other place.

These he seemed to pinch off so that they were all of a size but one, which was shorter.

I was going to pinch down to ten—but I didn't; I let her ride.

At a pinch, an excellent master in English or French; a man for the bosom of families!

Cast your eyes on the Renouncer, Pinch, and be the wiser for the recollection!'