Tweak [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Tweak:

I have half a mind to go after him and tweak his pigtail soundly.

This one as you see here would do nothing at all, if he was not afraid of a tweak.'

He tweaked the string and his tweak was met with uncompromising resistance.

I mean no harm; a little mischief only; and, at most, a tweak of one proboscis or more.

I must have this paper, and tweak these hypocrites by the nose.

Bert felt the tweak of that same worry, too, but his course was set.

And then the sly thing gave a tweak and pulled out Betty's longest feather.

And Polly gave the cat such a tweak of the ear that Puttel bounced out of her lap in high dudgeon.

One may tweak the one, and tread upon the other, with such manifest impunity.

The bird would kiss its master on the face, tweak his hair, and if one said "Poor old fellow!"