Involvement [noun]

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There’s a plethora of things that I’m involved with that people would be shocked to know I was a part of, but it’s because I have the eyesight for it and a love for it.

Growing cannabis on an industrial scale involves managing margins while continually adhering to compliance laws.

The government has committed extra funding for more expensive courses, such as engineering or nursing, at universities with large intakes this year and has dropped restrictions on student numbers for those that involve work placements.

Outbreaks are when three or more cases involving people who don’t live together can be traced back to one location.

Yet, if we go further down the line, something specific for agencies that can create a unique market advantage is the proprietary methodology involved in the way they do their job.

In response to questions from The Post, Twitter on Tuesday suspended at least 20 accounts involved in the activity for “platform manipulation and spam.”

Those ethics again involve considering things like who is represented in, versus missing from, the data we use and whose lives will be affected by those decisions.

He was not involved in the study but did review it before it was published.

I think what we just have to say is we will monitor the situation very much in real time and we’ll make the best and safest possible decision for everyone involved.

In order to handle the high operating temperatures involved with all of those cores, Nvidia totally redesigned the cooling system built into the cards.