Boon [noun]

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A Walmart-Microsoft acquisition could be a boon for e-commerce companies that want alternatives to the digital advertising duopoly of Facebook and Google.

The pandemic’s forced stay-at-home orders was a huge boon to Netflix, adding 26 million global subscribers in the first half of this year, compared to 12 million during the same period last year.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a boon for the test proctoring industry.

Yet another potential boon for targeted drug delivery is nanotechnology, whereby medical nanorobots have now been used to fight incidences of cancer.

The real boon is that even statements about arithmetic formulas, called metamathematical statements, can themselves be translated into formulas with Gödel numbers of their own.

Being groomed offers such immediate boons as protection against parasites like lice or fleas.

Another boon of microgravity is that measurements of the bizarre matter can be made for longer periods of time.

Renounce the good law of the worshippers of Mazda, and thou shalt gain such a boon as the Murderer gained, the ruler of nations.

And now, gentlemen, I have a boon to ask—where there is so much joy, why not make all happy at once?

The boon was granted, and I remember the wave of delight that swept over us, and how we enjoyed the long summer evenings.