Godsend [noun]

Definition of Godsend:

gift, benefit

Synonyms of Godsend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Godsend:

Sentence/Example of Godsend:

Once upon a time, Google’s Disavow Links tool seemed like a godsend to SEO practitioners everywhere.

What’s more, unlike the lines that are sure to develop at mountainside ski lifts in traditional resorts this winter, cross-country skiing is a godsend for those seeking physically distanced activities.

Anything a thru-hiker isn’t likely to carry themselves, from fruit and soda to cheeseburgers, will be a godsend.

A blessing in disguise’Looking back, Metcalf views his draft-day fall as a godsend.

We also spent time with the two Natchez Network Immigrant Support volunteers who were godsends in the chaotic days before Yariel’s release.

Looking at the matter in that light, would not such a trial be a godsend to the people of Hamworth?

The post Power offered him was a veritable godsend, and he, in his way, became infinitely useful to his employer.

Then leaving a bundle of magazines and illustrated papers on the table—a godsend to the men—he said good-bye and went out.

I know about how he felt and all and I sort of look on your coming at this particular time as a kind of a godsend.

We assured him we should give no trouble, and we were so wet and cold that any roof and shelter were a godsend.