Setback [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Setback:

But, as the footbridge was approached, his purpose received a setback.

Some Manchurian walnuts also got a setback with spring frosts, and some did not.

It was not till about four o'clock that they met with their first setback.

A 365 setback like this had only a stimulating effect on his spirit.

This is a setback from which only the most experienced advocate can readily recover.

Evidently Jimmy was not at all dismayed by his present setback.

The combs were broken which gave the bees a setback from which they did not recover.

After the setback at Tidborough he was to have spent all his holidays at home.

We're only so grieved, your mother and I, that you should have had such a setback so early.

But he was as undaunted by this setback as he had been by his retirement from the Navy.