Regress [verb]

Definition of Regress:

return to earlier way of doing things

Synonyms of Regress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regress:

Sentence/Example of Regress:

My hand, bully; thou shalt have egress and regress;—said I well?

They regress: they play with toys (fancy cars, watches, laptops).

Most of them will be shorter, however, and tend to regress toward the racial average.

At every step there has been progress, but there has also been regress.

Age is for retreat, for regress toward a former day; it would say with the ancient poet, "Return unto thy rest, O my soul."

For the member at which we have discontinued our division still admits a regress to many more parts contained in the object.

But the quantity of the universe is not thereby determined, and we cannot affirm that this regress proceeds in infinitum.

For the world is not given in its totality in any intuition: consequently, its quantity cannot be given prior to the regress.

The division of the parts of the whole (subdivisio or decompositio) is a regress in the series of these conditions.

In prison I have learned that liberty does not consist in open doors and the egress and regress of locomotion.