Revert [verb]

Definition of Revert:

return to an earlier, less-developed condition

Synonyms of Revert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revert:

Sentence/Example of Revert:

I revert, then, to my statement that God's relation to punishment is chiefly verbal.

I am aware that I point the passage differently, while I revert to the old text.

It is necessary to revert to the other evening, after you took your leave.

Was he going to revert to the filthy cooking of imaginary figures?

And now to revert more particularly to our home life in the shanty.

I took her hand and was moved to revert to that morning's conversation in the street.

Let us revert to the myths and trace the descent of Minos and his progeny.

We must now revert to the negotiations between Pitt and Clare.

We must now revert to the tidal history of the earth-moon system.

In solving this problem we have to revert to our reason why the earth is a magnet.