Inverse [adjective]

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Just as the pandemic has forced many companies to lay off employees, others have enjoyed an inverse trajectory.

Research in the 1960s found an inverse relationship between emotional involvement with a city and the estimate of how far away it was.

Now recall the series in an inverse order, beginning with “Fieldhand,” and going back to “Building.”

The first cost of these engines was probably in inverse proportion to their power.

The pressure of darkness acts in inverse proportion upon different kinds of natures.

We shall, then, in a separate chapter, examine and endeavour to characterize the inverse process.

And as will be shown presently, nothing of a really scientific character is here possible, except by the inverse deductive method.

See also Code.Civil liberty, developed in inverse ratio to political liberty, ii.

The moon must give not according to her abundance, but in the inverse ratio thereof—because she has little she must give largely.

He had been a loner for so many years that he found a certain inverse pleasure in following someone else.