Reversed [adjective]

Definition of Reversed:

turned around

Synonyms of Reversed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reversed:

Sentence/Example of Reversed:

Why, the order of nature is reversed, and these children take on the protective.

Science appears to show that every physical process is reciprocal, and may be reversed.

He begged that this beautiful state of things might not be reversed.

The sentence has been reversed; the prophecy of Skirving has become history.

When they should sit next in that cathedral would their posts be reversed?

But with the dog and the rose this instinctive principle is reversed.

They reversed their engines and steamed off into the open sea with all possible speed.

Then, when he was satisfied that everything was ready, he reversed the switch.

If the direction of the boat is to be reversed, the rotation of the paddle-wheels is reversed.

Worst of all and most fatal is the disease of the marrow, by which the whole course of the body is reversed.