Turned [verb]

Definition of Turned:

revolve, curve

Synonyms of Turned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Turned:

Sentence/Example of Turned:

Philippe had turned with evident distress toward the latter.

As Philothea turned towards her companion, she met Aspasia's earnest gaze.

He turned and faced Percival, looking from him to his sandwich with vacant eyes.

I've turned peddler, and would like to sell you some blueberries.

He grew pale with passion, turned on his heel, and strode away.

He turned into a restaurant on Madison Square and ordered dinner.

He turned her face up to his own again, and softly kissed her wet eyes.

After following Lake Barlee for nine miles, it turned to the southward.

We gave the horses water out of the drums, and turned eastward with them.

We turned east for ten miles to a range, which we found to be covered with spinifex.