Swivel [verb]

Definition of Swivel:

spin around axis

Synonyms of Swivel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swivel:


Sentence/Example of Swivel:

He whirled about in his swivel chair, and blew a cloud of smoke from his mouth.

The fat man grunted and hoisted himself out of the swivel chair.

Even as they watched the gun moved on its swivel base, whirring underneath.

Smoke-ring cannon for hail storms, swivel mounted, bow or stern.

From the platform of the swivel they looked abroad over the sea.

The brig returned the fire with a swivel gun, which had little effect.

Then he settled himself in his swivel chair and beamed his warmest.

The big chief was sitting in his swivel chair with ink all round him.

The fort was completed on April 26, and six swivel guns were mounted on it.

There is usually a swivel in the centre, probably to prevent twisting.