Wheel [noun]

Definition of Wheel:

circle, revolution

Synonyms of Wheel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheel:


Sentence/Example of Wheel:

Charles Merchant, the son of rich John Merchant, was behind the wheel.

He gave the wheel a reckless twist, and Le Moyne called him to time sternly.

One wheel struck a cobble stone, and the buggy lurched horribly.

By like cause turning the wheel to the left turns the machine to the left.

All this time I kept shouting to the man at the wheel to put his helm "hard down."

We will say that a wheel came off the cart, and it suddenly fell down.

Mary went swiftly up to the wagon, and laid one hand upon the wheel.

Let me call for your chair; let me wheel you—I am sure I can.

The crowd are yet at the bottom of the wheel; better off, you say.

This to the man at the wheel; then to Kirkwood: "Wot's that, me lud?"