Circulation [noun]

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Representatives of the tech community recorded a video which has had wide circulation on social media, supporting the detained employees.

Indeed, since Facebook’s algorithms give more weight to posts with some time and circulation behind them, Zuckerberg’s ban might not have any significant impact at all.

This technique is proven to increase circulation and reduce soreness.

Until that moment, the movement was not being widely covered in the mainstream press, but the video’s circulation compelled larger media organizations to pay attention.

Elsewhere, revenue within its “news media” business — which includes The New York Post and The Times of London — declined 41%, which included decreases in both advertising and circulation revenue.

The most significant, the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, involves circulation changes in the tropical Pacific Ocean on a time frame of two to seven years that strongly influence rainfall in North America.

The leading candidates for swarm triggering come down to groundwater circulation or a kind of slow slippage on an active fault, known as fault creep.

The issue is, however, that there are so many people on the platforms that the platform corporations themselves don’t have the human power to make a substantial impact on decreasing the amount of false information in circulation.

Almost one-quarter of the total supply printed has been placed in circulation.

Four engravings and at least six pamphlets, all focusing on the bawdy house story, were shortly in circulation.