Dissemination [noun]

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They claim their policies aim to balance newsworthiness, public interest, and freedom of speech with the potential for real-world harm and the dissemination of misinformation.

They really built their campaign in 2016 around Facebook, which is, I believe, the most powerful platform for information dissemination in the world, for better and for worse, and often now for worse.

The widespread dissemination of technologies like smartphones, combined with government policies aimed at helping the most vulnerable, are lifting people out of poverty.

According to the provisions of his grace, it is intended for dissemination through the voluntary agency of those who love it.

And the fight to be won can only come through knowledge, its dissemination and then its application.

No more effective agent for the dissemination of knowledge was ever devised than the American Public School.

This applies to all 'dissemination of pernicious principles'; for in this case reason and not force is the appropriate remedy.

In both these movements the assimilation of a religious trend has been of inestimable importance to their dissemination.

In so doing it undoubtedly assists in the dissemination of the species.

But, like all reformers, she felt the need of securing a wider dissemination of them.