Publishing [verb]

Definition of Publishing:

have printed, issue

Synonyms of Publishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Publishing:

Sentence/Example of Publishing:

In publishing this book I hope to do good not only to my own race, but to all who may read it.

It was not their fault that the conditions of the publishing trade were so difficult!

"He didn't ask me to pay for publishing my book," John murmured.

Ere long he conceived the plan of publishing a newspaper of his own.

If he could, publishing would be less of a lottery than it is.

I am not sure, either, that publishing the article on Monday would do us any good.

A more charming set we have never had the privilege of publishing.

In 1880 he continued the subject by publishing Unconscious Memory.

Whereas Miss Schlegel has lost no time in publishing the news.

Your company for publishing this magazine, myself for being able to buy same.