Disclose [verb]

Definition of Disclose:

reveal, make public

Synonyms of Disclose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disclose:

Sentence/Example of Disclose:

There are others who disclose a special susceptibility to the more simple effects of pathos.

A bill and note broker who does not disclose the principal's name is liable like other agents as a principal.

By the help of Heaven or earth, she would find out this secret that he refused to disclose to her.

On the 28th of March 1642 he was sent to the Tower for having failed to disclose to parliament the Kentish petition.

Sometimes the breeze would fan aside a leaf cluster to disclose a jocund skull secured to the bark behind.

Mrs. Owen answered her own question with a laugh; and having opened the subject she went on to disclose her opinions further.

She was not sure that it was polite to disclose her knowledge of the subject to a man who had just confessed his ignorance.

She said her husband wasn't quite prepared to disclose his marriage to his family, but that it would all be right soon.

Edgar naked, and in the character of a lunatic, hearing this, still does not disclose himself to his father.

Mr. Haszard was asked if he would disclose the authors of the publication complained of,which he agreed to do.