Snitch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Snitch:

Snitch, to give information to the police, to turn approver.

"Now, I'm not going to snitch on my mates," said McCarty decidedly.

The computers I love are being co-opted, used to spy on us, control us, snitch on us.

A promise is a promise, especially to a small boy who scorns to "snitch."

Will you promise not to snitch if I tell you how to stop it, even if you don't go there yourself?

An' proper reg'lars on all that, paid square, 'ud be more'n I could make playin' the snitch, if Dan'll be open to reason.

The Gray Seal had become a snitch, a menace, a source of danger that stalked among them like a ghastly spectre.

He hadn't a notion people would be so low-down as to snitch his idea and go to making cotton gins of their own.

If anybody tries to stop us or to snitch you free you'll get the acid in those shining peepers without being able to move.

They've put th' reward out, and three times since last night some of me own pals 've tried to snitch on me.